Zero-Gravity Massage Chair (Recliner) -0% interest financing available

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Zero Gravity Massage Recliner with 7 Neuromuscular massage modes and Virtual Reality Multi-Sensorial.

The most comfortable chair

The NeuroSpa 
Zero Gravity recliner allows for soft, smooth transitions and hundreds of precise angles to avoid forcing your neck or other muscles into uncomfortable positions. You are able to choose the perfect position for watching TV, reading a book, working on your laptop, fully relaxing or taking a nap. This evolved system provide a soft, circular sliding movement that will make you feel like you are floating off the ground.

The positives effects are comparable to nothing else, it provide convenience of any regular recliner and all advantages of the most sophisticated massage chairs. 

The 7 Massage modes helps achieve mental wellness, relieve pain, reduce stress, and induce a relaxation state combining music and multi-frequency acoustic vibration.

The most relaxing VR experience 

With the Virtual Reality headset you can relax on the most beautiful beach of the world. The NeuroSpa make you feel the ocean waves and immerse you in a multi-sensorial 360 degree environment... You feel in vacancy in the comfort of your home. 

How does it work

The Neurospa zero gravity chair is the most comfortable chair ever, the cushion supported by a flexible « Air Knit » make you feels like floating in the air

During a session; You sit comfortably and select your favorites modes, then soft sensations captivates you from the first minutes and stimulate gently all part of your body… After a short time, the acoustic frequency neutralize resistance and communicates directly with the nervous system which gradually replaces tensions caused by stress. The comforting sensations fills your whole body, leaving you in a state of peaceful tranquility. It's a revitalizing experience that helps you be centered in the moment and give you a continuous warm feeling during normal daily activity.

This state of the art recliner permits precise position selection, your legs are never strait horizontal like usual recliners, your knees remain perfectly posture in every positions, eliminating bad blood circulation in your legs. The world wide patented neuro muscular massage system, exclusive to NeuroSpa, give you a perfect massage while reading or watching TV and permit you to have a complete evasion like it’s offered in the most rename spa’s by using the high-quality headphone.

Positives effects

Regular massage pads and massage chairs on the market use rotating knobs and vibrators simulating the action of kneading fingers working out muscle tension... This only causes superficial temporary stress relieve. Contrary to these vibrator massager, the NeuroSpa is used in most renamed spa centers, because it helps achieve a real state of wellness by releasing tension at a deeper level of the body. Positives effects are similar to osteopathy and full body massage therapy techniques. It is why many health professionals use our devices in combination with traditional treatments.
NeuroSpa is offered in more than 300 renamed spa’s, the prevention center of the Montreal Cardiologists Institute offer it as a stress prevention device to their 5000 members. Well known company (eg.: Google, Reebok, Ubisoft) offer it to their employees to relief pain, reduce stress and improve performance.

Health impact includes:

  • •Neutralizes stress and anxiety
  • •Improve sleep and eliminate fatigue
  • •Deeply relaxes the body
  • •Provides durable sense of well-being
  • •Stimulate blood circulation
  • •Regulate blood pressure
  • •Relieves chronic pain
  • •Reduce back pain
  • •Reduce neck pain
  • •Reduce arthritis pain

  • Includes

    • Include high quality headphones
    • AC/DC adapter
    • 2-years warranty
    • 7 therapeutics massage modes
    • Virtual Reality headset

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    12,24,36 or 48 months 0% interest financing available.

    This product is custom made: to get a free quote with no commitment, select color and add to your cart or click here.




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    $6,500.00 CAD

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