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NeuroSpa is proud to present the brand new Nap Station and the NeuroSpa Cushion. Super comfortable, takes up very little space, built-in speakers and headphones included. This chair that takes you to the perfect zero gravity posture, as soon as you sit down, provides the following benefits:

-The fast recharge program will erase the fatigue and stress accumulated during the day in just 5 minutes.
-The 15 minute energizing break program will allow you to feel rested, alert and focused for the rest of the day.
-Wake up gently every morning with an energizing 30-minute program.
-Sleep naturally and deeply with the 30-minute sleep preparation program.
- Soothe physical ailments by using muscle stimulation mode (without music) directly on your office chair, while driving or on your armchair while listening to TV.

The NeuroSpa is a scientific discovery from Quebec patented worldwide. It is offered in more than a thousand centers including hospitals, medical clinics, spas and renowned hotels.


-Neurospa Nap Station & Cushion 124.99$, 48 month 0% interest
or 1 payment $5999.00

-NeuroSpa Cushion Only $ 49.95, 48 months 0% interest
or 1 payment 2449,95$ (reg. 2499$)


A relaxation space at home as at the 5-star hotel or at the Spa, it's now possible! .

TRANSFORM YOUR NIGHTS INTO A NEUROSPA CURE and sleep well like at a 5-star hotel. 

 Since its creation, NeuroSpa has proven itself in more than 300 renowned Spa. Do like thousands of people including employees of several offices (Google, Reebok, Ubisoft etc) who benefit from NeuroSpa to improve their sleep, relieve pain and effectively reduce stress. Approved by the CSST, NeuroSpa is also offered in several renowned clinics and hotels as well as in universities.


Improve Sleep Cycle

Relaxation treatment to sleep well

Relieving chronic pain

Reduced stress and anxiety

Helps focus at school and at work

Reduced back/neck/joints pain

The portable NeuroSpa cushion can be used with headphones on your favorite chair or directly on your bed. You can try at home for just $ 49.95 a month. During this trial period, we suggest that you use the 30-minute pre-sleep program at bedtime (3rd mode, blue color).

In the morning, you can replace the brutal alarm clock with an energizing 30-minute session to start the day with focus, energy and a feeling of complete well-being.


The most advanced relaxation device 

Developed in a laboratory in Quebec, the NeuroSpa directly stimulates the nervous system thanks to a symphony of pleasant and soothing sensations synchronized with bewitching music. Our world-patented technology combines multi-vibration acoustic frequencies, as well as music to eliminate stress and blockages in your body. You will live a moment of total escape ... After a session, your stress will have disappeared to give way to real well-being and allow you to find a restful sleep. 

During a session; You sit or lie down comfortably and choose your preferred massage mode ... This is when the physical sensations produced by the NeuroSpa gently stimulate you from head to toe. After a short time, the acoustic frequencies travel through each part of your body and neutralize the resistances by gradually eliminating the tensions caused by stress ... The gentle sensations fill your body with revitalizing energy leaving you in a state of fullness and serenity. It is a pleasant experience that helps you find comfort and provides a feeling of lasting well-being.


Positive effects

The Montreal Heart Institute offers it to its 5,000 members to prevent stress and several companies (e.g. Google, Reebok, Ubisoft) offer it to their employees for relaxation, pain relief and elimination of stress.The benefits :

• Neutralizes stress and anxiety
• Improves sleep
• Eliminate insomnia
• Relaxes the body deeply
• Provides a state of well-being
• Regulates pressure
• Relieves chronic pain
• Relieves fibromyalgia
• Relieves back pain
• Relieves neck pain
• Relieves arthritis


- 1 x earphones and AC / DC adapter
-Two (2) year warranty on parts and labor

* Our team will take the time to fully understand your needs during a telephone consultation to provide appropriate indications.

Canada included. Contact us for a quote for other regions.

Sit comfortably in a seated position with pillows behind the NeuroSpa or in a supine position with a cousin under your buttocks. Replace the NeuroSpa vertically on the head of the bed after your session. You can also use a zero gravity chair.
You will be completely physically and mentally rested after your pre-sleep session when you go to bed. Before getting out of bed, your energizing morning session will restore physical and mental energy for the whole day!

1. At bedtime, use the 30-minute pre-sleep program (mode # 2) to get complete physical and mental rest. A 30-minute session gives you a rest equivalent to several hours of deep relaxation!
2. Set your alarm 30 minutes early to be woken up by the 30-minute energizing program (mode # 1) and start the day full of energy like coming back from vacation each morning!
3. If necessary, use the stimulating 5-minute program (mode # 4) at midday to erase all the accumulated fatigue and spend an evening full of energy.
* Including shipping costs ** Limited time offer. Payment plans not available outside Canada. ** Products to be shipped outside of Canada will be in US dollars. Taxes not included where applicable.
$124.95 CAD $149.95 CAD

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