30-NeuroSpa Night in your bed at home

$99.95 CAD
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30 x "NeuroSpa Night" in your bed!

Improve your Sleep with the 30-night Sleep Cure. 

Within 30-night, NeuroSpa Sleep Technology, will dramatically improve your sleep quality.


Offer yourself a 30-night NeuroSpa cure in the comfort of your bed. You will be able to benefit from the NeuroSpa at bedtime, in the morning when you wake up and when you come back from work, unlimited for only $ 99.95* for one month . Quite a plus compared to paying $ 50 for a single 30-minute session in a spa center.

*Easy installation under your mattress. Shipping and return shipping cost included.

Transform your bed into a NeuroSpa simply by inserting the acoustic oscillator between your mattress and your bed base. The results are spectacular on all types of mattresses, even the thickest. You will now live the same NeuroSpa experience that has been offered in over a thousand wellness centers for a decade, every day, at home.

 NeuroSpa offers you the possibility to rent for 30-night the NeuroSpa ST-20 Sleep Technology including :

  • Acoustic Oscillator
  • 2 loudspeakers
  • Easy installation
  • 7 NeuroSpa programs
  • Transport included

NeuroSpa acoustic oscillations help you fall asleep quickly and lead you to a deep and restful sleep, night after night. In particular, they will regulate your breathing, stimulate your blood circulation and reduce your numbness and stiffness. From now on, every night you spend on your NeuroSpa bed you will achieve the deepest and most restful sleep possible.

  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Relaxes the body in depth
  • Provides a state of complete physical and mental well-being

The Pre-Sleep Session will give you the most complete physical and mental letting go which will lead you to a state of rest equivalent to a cycle of deep sleep. From the first moments, you will feel pleasant physical sensations running through your body from head to toe. You will see during this trial period how much NeuroSpa will help you improve your sleep.

NeuroSpa technology has already been widely used for more than a decade in more than a thousand centers including hospitals, medical clinics, spas, large companies and it is now available in the comfort of your bedroom.

If you wish to purchase the NeuroSpa following your trial : 39.95$ x 48 months 0% interest or 1899$* one payment.

$99.95 CAD